Our belief:  people are inherently looking for fulfillment.  Every human being has the potential for greatness.  However, life’s experiences can wear us down and create pain and suffering.  Our perceptions and beliefs about these negative experiences become our lens through which we view our lives and create barriers that block the road to this potential.  Focusing more clearly on our assets, our strengths, our wisdom, our successes and our values creates positive emotions, positive energy, positive relationships and a future that will allow us to thrive.   



A 3 stage process that will bring people to their fullest human potential by a) understanding their individual experience b) identifying their values and their vision, and c) forming a plan of action that will allow clients to live in alignment with their values and achieve their preferred future.

Stage I – Noticing the big picture.
  • Examining, identifying and understanding aspects of your current situation (past history to the here and now).
  • Understanding the power of your personal story (what are the good parts) and what propels you forward.
  • Noticing and acknowledging pain and dissatisfaction.
  • Identifying your strengths values, virtues and vitality.

Stage II – Feeling what is true at the core.

  • Understanding the power of positive thoughts and emotions and how these affect health and well being.
  • Transforming thoughts to leads to action and positive change.
  • Identifying your own character, values, beliefs and dream for what could be - your vision.
  • Designing your preferred future.

Stage III – Responding, taking action and making it real.

  • Increasing your flexibility and building your capacity to thrive in stressful times.
  • Creating a road map to your vision and an individualized tool kit that will continue to help you identify and change old patterns of behaviour, remove obstacles and barriers that prevent your vision from becoming a reality and focus clearly on your preferred future.