• A recently released study from the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health found that $34 billion dollars of the Ontario economy was lost due to mental health and addictions problems.  The report by Dr. William Gnam elaborated further by identifying that approximately $29B of that total loss was found to be in reduced productivity as a result of mental health and addictions issues.
      • Third Space Consulting provides:
        • Organizational development
        • Manager skills development
        • Leadership development

    Third Space Consulting can reduce losses by using proven sustainable change methods to create organizational communities and practices that lead to a culture that will flourish. This positive culture will lead to your organization’s preferred future.  Through a human development practice, we can assists people to envision a preferred future that aligns their values and life style

  • Communication patterns in high functioning work teams have been studied and interestingly, these patterns that are the same as what John Gottman describes as “successful marriages”. 
      • Third Space Consulting offer proven organizations methods to improve the patterns of communication, which have been demonstrated to positively influence productivity.
  • Extraordinary performance in organizations is achieved by the development of an organizational culture where strategic goals are aligned with day-to-day activity.
      • Third Space Consulting will assist you in establishing an organizational culture that builds motivation in staff to exceed previous expectations. This will create results that your stakeholders will celebrate.