Our belief:  every organization strives to be successful.  Each organization inherently has a culture that defines its path to fulfillment.  When left unmanaged, the culture will evolve in its own way; not your way.  This can lead to conflicting decisions and actions that impede organizational success.  Identifying and dissolving these conflicts and focusing on a values-based vision will create improved performance; a future where the organization will thrive.  



A 3 stage process that will bring organization culture into focus so that steps can be undertaken to create the fullest potential by:  a)understanding of the collective experience, b) engaging in a structured process to identify the preferred vision, and c) designing a plan of action to operationalize the change strategy and achieve the preferred future


Stage I – Noticing the big picture.

  • Examining, identifying and understanding the effects of cultural elements on your current situation. 
  • How the power of your organization’s unique story (past history to the here and now) can create change and propel you forward. 
  • Noticing and acknowledging misalignments and barriers to productivity.
  • Identifying your strengths, values, virtues and vitality.

Stage II –Defining what is true at the core.

  • Understanding the power of positive relationships, thoughts and emotions and their effects on health and productivity.
  • Building commitment and support throughout the organization.
  • Articulating a vision for change and a new story, through consensual process.
  • Identifying events/stories that exemplify your values and vision for what could be.

Stage III – Responding, taking action and making it real.

  • Increasing your organization’s capacity to thrive in prosperous and  stressful times.
  • Designing and articulating a strategic map defining the specifics of the change process; what steps will be taken, what change will and will not mean and new knowledge will bring your preferred future into focus.