Dana Libby
Dana Libby, Co-Founder of Third Space Consultingfounder


Dana Libby is the co-creator of Third Space Consulting, Inc. Dana's commitment to the creation of Third Space has come from a career providing consultation and counseling to individuals and families for over 15 years. Dana has specialized in infant mental health, attachment, and trauma, allowing her to work with people who have survived incredible pasts and are often facing devastating moments in their present.  Dana has always worked from a strength-based perspective, respecting the fact that people are the experts of their own unique experiences and that, through collaboration, visions for their future can become clearer and they can move forward to their fullest potential.

Dana has been inspired and impassioned by the resiliency of those with whom she has collaborated, and she has come to understand that providing a space for clients' voices to be heard and their stories to be told is essential to their journey.  However, Dana has experienced a space beyond alleviating pain where clients identify and examine their own values, thoughts, and beliefs and are then able to create a future that they prefer and can achieve.  After Dana earned a Masters in Social Work she continued working in mental health agencies focusing on children and adults.  She began co-creating programs and groups for her clients but also provided consultation and training for colleagues in mental health as well as public health, education, and child protection.  Similar to clients facing complex challenges, colleagues doing complex work were often just surviving each day.  When colleagues were assisted in identifying their own values and beliefs, and working in alignment with their organization's values - a vision for the future could be shared and both the colleagues and the organization would benefit. 

Co-creating Third Space Consulting Inc. provides continued collaboration on both these fronts - for personal wellness and the creation of a preferred future - and for professional and organizational development to bring about a culture for the organization in which its employees and its clients will thrive.

Kevin Clouthier
Kevin Clouthier, Co-Founder of Third Space

Kevin is a co-creator of Third Space Consulting Inc.  His vision for this consulting firm has grown from a career in human service that has spanned more than 25 years.  Throughout his career as a therapist, clinical trainer, organizational consultant, journal editor and executive director, his passion has been to generate solutions with clients by co-creating preferred futures.  He is able to achieve this future-focused process by eliciting inherent strengths and resources that clients’ bring to consultations. His belief is that change happens most quickly when people or organizations can be engaged in a collaborative relationship that transforms the focus to what can be accomplished rather than attempting to solve a problem.  This solution-focused influence, that was crystallized when he was earning a Master of Science degree in Marriage & Family Therapy, is combined with other change methods to create an environment in which a client can feel comfort to create their new life situation.  Kevin has used these methods successfully with individuals, couples and families in public and private practice. 

Recognizing the potential for larger system change potential in this change management process, Kevin earned an MBA to better understand the corporate experience.  Now, he has co-created this firm that combines a solution focus with proven leading-edge organizational change management methods.  The emphasis of the organizational change, leadership development and organizational behavior practices develop clarity of values and preferred future to improve performance. The Third Space Consulting mission is to co-create change that improves personal and organizational performance in the face of complex issues.