Third Space is that space that is reserved for authenticity of thoughts, emotions and actions that comes from consistent integration with your values.  Through our proven change strategies, you will achieve greater clarity of purpose that leads to higher levels of performance in your life, relationships and work situations.

The experience of low satisfaction and unrealized performance can represent a disconnection between what you are doing, thinking and feeling and your values.  This misalignment puts you in a reactive position and robs you of your power.


Third Space consultants explore your strengths and capabilities so that you may take advantage of the abundance of resources available when you live and work with the integrity of your values.  The awareness and knowledge that you achieve from your experience you additional resources that you can use in the future to keep yourself to be more fulfilled throughout your life.



Dedicated to the identifying human potential, we work with individuals, couples, families and corporations to implement proven, sustainable strategies to achieve their preferred futures.



Third Space Consulting Inc. will be a leading edge consulting firm that will co-create client’s adaptive stories to inspire their vision and achieve enriched experiences of cognitive, emotional and organization health.